Original Prints

After experimenting with different types of print making, Carborundum – a type of collagraph, quickly emerged as my favourite. Carborundum is the ‘grit’ used to make sandpaper and by mixing it in a variety of ratios with glue and painting it onto a printing plate which is then inked up intaglio, tonal ranges can be created producing a relatively painterly print.

I add colour during printing with hand made chine colle (collage) and after printing with pastel or watercolour. Monocrome areas, suggested shapes, and part finished lines contrast with splashes of colour providing a focus, whether its a flower, landscape or street. Although the printing plate can be used many times, I only make a maximum of 10 prints and experiment with the colours and chine colle so that every print is individual.

(This is an example of my recent original prints. Please visit the Exhibitions and News page for an up to date list of when and where you can find my work.)

Sweet Peas
Cherry Blossom
A Beautiful Day
Silver Birch
Foxglove View
Through the Trees
Spring Blossom
Spring Primula
Water Irises
Bluebells 2
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Tree Branches
Creeping Virginia
Foxglove Primula
Hollyhocks 1
Horse Chestnut
Irises 2
Irises Orange
Patchwork Fields
Evening Shadows
Rainy Reflections Carborundum
Primula 1
Primula 2
Rainy Day