Paintings – Landscape

Growing up in the heart of rural Oxfordshire, the changing colours and seasons of the British landscape and the people and places I visit have been a long standing inspiration.

Texture is an important part of my work, and influenced by my textile background and mum’s love of quilt making, I frequently use material as well as paper collage, which alongside other mixed media creates exciting colour and textural effects. The quiet areas of my paintings are just as important as the vibrant subjects of my work, allowing you to focus on to a window on the world, whether it’s a woodland, garden or street.

(This is an example of my recent paintings. Please visit the Exhibitions and News page for an up to date list of when and where you can find my work.)

Large Paintings

Across Lake Windermere
Burst of Spring
Blossom Filled Sky
Light Trail
Evening Walk in the Shallows
Daring to go in deeper
Sheltered Cove
Tranquil Light
Summer Foxgloves
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Whispers

Medium Paintings

Reflections across Grasmere Lake
Blossom on a Turquoise Sky
Autumn Ferns
November Cherry Tree
Scent of Spring
Setting Sun
Winter Fields
Spring Burst
Summer Light and Shadows
Walking in the Shallows
Paddling in the Waves
Golden Morning
Breaking Dawn
Falling Light
Autumn Leaves
Cherry Trees
Where the Sea meets the Sky
Holding on to Autumn
Long Hot Summer
Winter Fields
Spring Day

Small Paintings

Blossom II
Blossom I
Misty Autumn Leaves
Snow Covered Fields
Summer Tide
Warm Summer Day
Late Evening Sun
Frosted Leaves
Fading Autumn
Cherry Blossom
Apricot Sky
Orange Roses
Wildflower Riot
Daffodils and Birch
Summer Meadow
Dawn Breaks